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[Physarum damsii] Physarum sp. (cf damsii)

Posté : 09 juin 2017, 05:49
par MaxRum
I am working on the identity of Phyrasum sp. with limey single-layer peridium, capillitium with rounded-oblong (knobby) line nodes, shortly stipitate (or subsessile) and a black spore mass. The sporocarps are distinctly crowded and overlapping like growing in small bunches of grapes, rarely merging into each other. Sporocarps 0.3-0.6mm wide. Spores verrucose without further ornamentations, bands or reticulae measuring 7.5-9.5(10um).

I have considered several Physarum species with these characters but many have

P. spectabile should have spores with bands and which I did not see. It also has larger spores (11-13um).[excluded]
P. licheniforme (P. lividum) offers a good match but I'm not happy for its larger spores 12-14um. [excluded]
P. ovisporum should also have larger spores with a white band (lack of spore warts) which I did not observe [excluded]
P. sessile is represented by solitary myxocarps abd smaller spores in the range of 6-9um [excluded]
P. cinereum is a close match with slightly larger spores (9-11um) but do not look to have an aggregated habit [doubtful]
but my favourite and best match is
P. daamsii which also has 9-11um spores (slightly larger) have that tightly packed / crowded sporocarps measuring 0.2-0.5um and bulky-rounded capillitium lime nodes

Physarum damsii Nann, -Bremek

Re: Physarum sp. (cf damsii)

Posté : 09 juin 2017, 19:32
par Pierre Jancloes
Je pense comme vous.


Re: Physarum sp. (cf damsii)

Posté : 15 juin 2017, 03:58
par MaxRum
Merci Pierre!